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Katie got her amazing body on the Bikini Me program, and went on to win her first contest.

“I really developed momentum once I started the Lean Muscle Bikini Me program. I trained as though there were no limits”

Katies Trainer Kelly

“I want to tell you a little bit about Katie because I want you to understand how far she's come. Like many of us women, she had insecurities and was lacking self-esteem. Katie followed the Bikini Me system to a T, systematically developing her shape, building her confidence, and creating her own amazing story. She continues to be a great example of the Bikini Me program by training regularly and maintaining enthusiasm......and she just keeps winning trophies!

About Katie

"In just  16 weeks, I lost 14 % body fat and gained 9 pounds of lean fat-burning muscle! I also trimmed 7 inches from my waist. My waist is the smallest it has ever been - 26. Thank you Kelly and Lean Muscle!!

I am a now looking to be a personal trainer myself and I thought I had tried everything. I had done "Super Sets" before, but never tried the "Bikini Me" with the routine being more interesting and it takes a lot less time!

I have more energy, am sleeping better, feel alive again, and I see my muscles! I am wearing a size 6, and I feel good about myself. I promise you, you can feel like this too! Choose your Lean Muscle  trainer and put your trust in them - you won't regret it!

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