All The Tools You Need To Build A Great Physique in 12 weeks

Fred Liberatore

Founder & Head Coach  Lean Muscle  

 Studio Owner 

Realfit Gym & Personal Training 

With lean muscle it starts with you and for me the achievement of a dream, started in 1998, to bring coaching  training and nutrition to the next level. This is made possible by creating an online coaching platform specializing in 3 keys areas:

  • Mind Set Our Audio Program enables you to get clarity and certainty
  • Nutrition coaching-Our comprehensive Food manual and video's gives you all the things you need to know  and why with a no bullshit approach
  • Workout coaching  will explain in detail what exercises to do and why

You see When I created these program’s  into these 3 platforms I really wanted to be different than any other option available out there. Instead of offering a basic cookie cutter approach to diets and workout, I decided to focus on individualistic nature of a person goals and needs so the programs are designed for you; The person who wants more attention, more dedicated help, and proven plans and systems that will work.

Now, I help everyday people who are sick and tired of their stubborn weight and are on the quest to truly transform their body with lasting results.How you may ask well I work with people's body types and then deploy a program based on that to ensure long term success.


Expand your comfort zone (new way)

“The Term no pain no gain is very much an 80's thing.You see as a Personal Trainer for over 4 decades, resistance training when done right will no no doubt lead to long term success and knowledge and you will avoid injuries,so the end result you get to actually enjoy training and get hooked on the invisible force that pumping iron gives you.  


We’ll teach you how the reality is this: “It’s not all about diet and starvation

You see when we are talking about a Body Transformation,Yes Nutrition is crucial, BUT…it doesn’t have to be a loosing battle! (In fact, it’s important that it’s not. The last thing you want is to go back on the meeri go round of weight loss looking for new way's our system works and it will work for you. 


When did you really last harness the power of your mind.

We teach you how to communicate with your mind so you understand and harness its power,the mind is often neglected,by having a clear vision you can do incredible things and by visualising your success will no doubt lead to you being successful when you work with your mind rather than against it.

Why leanmuscle

Yep thats me with Arnie !

As a Master Coach I started researching the best and worst of weight loss over many years, and working with hundreds of clients as a personal trainer with over 35 years in the fitness industry. “I’m really passionate about helping my clients closing the gap in achieving weight loss and optimum health and incredible energy levels”

My philosophy has always been to train hard, no excuses and my own peak fitness is a reflection of that by winning the Nabba Masters obtaining the title of Mr. Australia. I belive I have the edge over 99% of personal trainers, coaches and health experts because I understands the physical aspect of training and nutrition in the finest detail, but I also combines it with the mental edge I have discovered after years of studying the world’s top peak performance experts. (Just Google me if you are not sure).

My goal at lean muscle is to create a holistic approach to health, nutrition and anti-ageing,and provide you with the tool's that you can carry on for the rest of your life.

Remember small changes make for big results keep your new habits consistent and on-going after all repetition is the mother of all skill.

To learn more about my teaching watch my webinar link below on REGISTER FOR WEBINAR