How to enjoy "cheat meals"without the giult

The “calories in” versus “calories out” law 

As a personal trainer i see many people relate to eating high dense calorie foods such as a Pizza or Burger and  getting fat. The truth is It doesn't.

Yes It's not a cause and effect relationship where "junk food" automatically turns into fat. Eating too many calories equals gaining fat and because junk food is very high in calories, it often leads to fat gain, but that’s the only correlation. 

The bottom line? As far as your favourite foods go, our philosophy is that depriving yourself completely of your favorite foods is a great way to make yourself miserable and to be almost certain that you fall off your diet very quickly.

You can allow yourself your favourite foods as long as you acknowledge that calories do count and you obey the law of calorie balance, and plan accordingly to consistently create this calorie deficit. 
I feel that the thing to remember for 
long-term fat loss success is getting a good balance between really effective, such as following our 5 keys to fat loss, but with foods that you enjoy and look forward to. And even when you stray from the 5 keys, you only do it about 10% of the time, such as a couple meals on the weekends, and you plan accordingly to make up for any indulgences …. and then you get right back on track. 

 Some Key points to remember: 

  1. For long-term success, you need to strike a balance between effective and enjoyable. You can still go out to eat and enjoy foods that aren’t on the plan once in a while, but you need to…

  2.  Try to make up for these extra calories earlier in the day by eating a little  less and being more active.  

  3.    Make simple, healthier changes to the “cheat meal” so that you can still enjoy it, yet without going overboard and sabotaging your progress. 

  4.   Get right back on track after that meal, right away. T

  5. This doesn’t mean that you can go all out the rest of the weekend and just start over on Monday.

For more information on cheat meal's check out my webinar link here
And remember to laugh with health each and everyday !





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