How to keep the unwanted weight off for good

The difference between maintanance and progression 

Every thing you read or watch in the fitness space has some promise or quick fix.

I see it often that quick weight loss of bodyweight gives you a greater chance of having the reverse effect and that can be catasrophic.

So you may ask what does impress me? And What gets my attention?

I pay attention to what I call the "Progressors"  - those are the people who have kept improving over a slow course of time and pushing the boundaries in a progressive way without training to failure or injuring themselve's its the small wins .

So I Have listed below four key points and how you can turn this into action items  today.

1. Move everyday and Increase what your already doing 

We should all know by now that excercise improves the body in terms of strengthing our bones and muscles and dropping unwanted kilo's,just be sure to do low weight baring activity such as weight training and the like 

2. Limit or Decrease sedentary  activities

Even I have a netflix account ! but really too much TV so be sure to cut back on TV watching, and while your at it computer games and web surfing. Try taking up more physical activity 

3. Include resistance training

Make it a part of your formal exercise program, throughout the fat loss phase and even more seriously during maintenance.

4. Avoid the lame excuses

Maintain positive beliefs and attitudes towards your environment and what you perceive as "barriers." For example, say, "I can always make time for what is most important to me" instead of, "I don't have time to weight train."

If you're currently on a fat loss journey, and you want to know how good your odds are for being a successful maintainer, it's pretty easy to predict using these 4 strategies. If you're not using all 4 of them yet, then when would be a good time to start today?

for more information check out my webinar link here 


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