One of the biggest misconceptions in this industry !

The actual term weight loss the approach is all wrong you need to think fat loss !

Most people often confuse the 2 they rely on the scales to determine their progress.(Only to set them up for disappointment) When in reality they should think about their visual appearance how they look feel and also body composition such as Fat Mass and Non-Fat mass in your body.

Another misconception is that you must do hours of cardio and train to failure to lose weight and take huge amounts of supplements.

 When in fact this is not true will show you how training to failure only sets you up to fail and how too much cardio has the reverse effect and how most supplement’s do not have science to back up claims.

We will show you the smart way to hack your central nervous system, so you stay in the no threat zone so your progressing everyday therefore moving out of your comfort zone and witnessing long lasting results each and every day 

So, if you feel like I have hit a chord with you,...

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How to enjoy "cheat meals"without the giult

The “calories in” versus “calories out” law 

As a personal trainer i see many people relate to eating high dense calorie foods such as a Pizza or Burger and  getting fat. The truth is It doesn't.

Yes It's not a cause and effect relationship where "junk food" automatically turns into fat. Eating too many calories equals gaining fat and because junk food is very high in calories, it often leads to fat gain, but that’s the only correlation. 

The bottom line? As far as your favourite foods go, our philosophy is that depriving yourself completely of your favorite foods is a great way to make yourself miserable and to be almost certain that you fall off your diet very quickly.

You can allow yourself your favourite foods as long as you acknowledge that calories do count and you obey the law of calorie balance, and plan accordingly to consistently create this calorie deficit. 
I feel that the thing to remember for 

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How to keep the unwanted weight off for good

The difference between maintanance and progression 

Every thing you read or watch in the fitness space has some promise or quick fix.

I see it often that quick weight loss of bodyweight gives you a greater chance of having the reverse effect and that can be catasrophic.

So you may ask what does impress me? And What gets my attention?

I pay attention to what I call the "Progressors"  - those are the people who have kept improving over a slow course of time and pushing the boundaries in a progressive way without training to failure or injuring themselve's its the small wins .

So I Have listed below four key points and how you can turn this into action items  today.

1. Move everyday and Increase what your already doing 

We should all know by now that excercise improves the body in terms of strengthing our bones and muscles and dropping unwanted kilo's,just be sure to do low weight baring activity such as weight training and the like 

2. Limit or Decrease...

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4 top Pain Fighting Foods

The list of pain-fighting foods might surprise you.

From fruits such as red grapes and cherries, to herbs and spices such as ginger and turmeric, there's natural relief in quite a number of readily available, healthy foods. 

1. Red Grapes
This deeply hued fruit contains resveratrol, a powerful compound that blocks the enzymes that contribute to tissue degeneration. 

2. Ginger

Long used as a digestive aid, ginger is also an effective painkiller. Almost two-thirds of patients with chronic knee pain reported less soreness upon standing after taking a ginger extract. 

3. Turmeric
 Turmeric also seems to inhibit the destruction of joints from arthritis, Turmeric inhibits a protein called NF-kB; when turned on, this protein activates the body's inflammatory response, leading to achy joints. 

Ever wonder why so many over-the-counter cold and headache medicines contain caffeine? Studies show it enhances the effects of common painkillers such as aspirin...

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Top 5 Awesome Reasons to Lift Weights

Here are 5 Awesome reasons to get lifting for your next workout!

Pumping iron,Geeting your flex on you see no matter what you call it, extensive research suggests that strength training is important for boosting the overall health and well-being of people of all ages and fitness levels.

The health benefits far outweigh any qualms you might have about picking up those weights for the first time.Not convinced ?


1.Stronger Bones

With regular strength training , you actually improve the health and strength of your bones by improving or maintaining (depending on your age) your bone density. Lifting weights has even been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and related fractures how cool is that .

2. Reduce risk of diabetes (and improve your quality of life if you have diabetes). 

Strength training when I suggest done at around 2 or 3 times a week and at a moderate intensity helps prevent diabetes in a number of ways.

First and foremost,...

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Your Missing the most important piece of the puzzle !

Chances are you have tried a few things when it comes to weight loss !

I will make this stupid simple for you !

If you're serious about trading "fat" for "fit," here's how to eliminate one of the biggest roadblocks to your success. Forget About "Will Power." It's Worse Than Useless!

Just imagine for a moment what would happen in your life if all of your motivations--both conscious and unconscious--were aligned toward your success.

 Now it would be just as hard to fail as it once was to succeed! Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? But hundreds of my clients have already done it.

In fact, people that have been working with me over 12 weeks (Both online and face to face) are now experiencing the kind of success they'd once only dreamed about.


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STOP jumping on the scales

The all or nothing approach ain't working !

One reason people are failing to control their weight is because of all-or-none thinking, i. e, "I can't eat ANY pizza EVER again!" or, "I have to follow my diet 100% or not at all.

"In my experience, all or none thinking is one of the biggest causes of diet failure. It's far better from a psychological perspective to eat your pizza; simply enjoy it infrequently and in small quantities.

Think of you on a diet like a pressure cooker on a burner. The longer you keep that pot on the heat, the more the steam pressure builds up inside. If there's no outlet or release valve on that thing, eventually the pressure builds up so much that even if it's made of steel and the lid is bolted down, she's gonna blow, sooner or later.

Well, in the beginning, you might think your willpower is made of steel and that you're bolted tighter than a submarine hatch, but the longer you're on a diet with no relief, the greater the pressure builds up until YOU blow...

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Food is not a reward and Exercise is not punishment!

Think about how many times you’ve said, “I’ve been so good this week, I deserve a treat.” or “I’ve completely gorged myself today. "

When you think about it like that, no wonder most people are on the sea saw and merri go round of healthy eating and exercise and often have a tough time sticking with either.

"When people learn to get away from this learned mindset, and treat both food and exercise as ways to fuel and care for their bodies, they are more likely to find mind and body balance,”


"When you hear yourself say, ‘I deserve a reward,’ make the reward fit the action,” . “So, if you worked hard all day, it’s likely that, what will truly be rewarding, is a mini break. "Have some ideas on-hand and ready to go.

Spend a few minutes brainstorming five things that you find soothing to your body, five things that can give you a minibreak...

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